Grooming Services Available for Dogs and Cats

I have been grooming dogs and cats since I was 16 years old. I love it!
I love everything about grooming! I love getting to know the dogs, watching them grow up and mature, helping their owners understand their needs and sharing my experiences with my clients to help them enrich their pets lives. I am always learning of new techniques or products that may improve the quality of the service I provide. I will only use top quality, human grade, environmentally safe products. In the past couple years I have studied Reiki to help my clients relax and enjoy the grooming process. Reiki is a very effective tool for relaxation but it is also very useful for pain relief. Many pets suffer from arthritis or other inflammation and Reiki can be a very helpful tool. I also use essential oils and aromatherapy in my salon.

I believe the most important part of the grooming process is the bath. Every dog is shampooed at least twice with only the finest products. The first lathering cuts the oils and loosens the coat and gives me a chance to evaluate the skin and coat to determine if any special shampoos may be necessary for the second bath. This may include products such as oatmeal shampoo for itchiness, medicated shampoo for irritated skin, or gentle flea and tick shampoo. The dog must be clean before he/she can be properly brushed out or trimmed. Bathing not only cleans the fur and skin but also cuts through the oils and dead skin that can build up in a thick, dirty coat. A densely packed, dirty coat looses its ability to insulate properly in cold and warm weather. It can also trap moisture and bacteria leading to irritation and infections such as hot spots.

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